Friday, February 20, 2015

Why can't I fit in my Old Jeans after losing 5 kgs? :(

I know there are lot of people who would have lost weight but it doesn't show at the right places. I mentioned in one of my blogs "10 Tips to Lose Weight" (  to wear a skinny jeans & set goals to maintain schedule but even after enough the waist line seems to remain unaffected. Now skinny jeans really doesn't look nice then. There are surgical methods like targeted liposuction but its costly as well as risky. I will never dare go for that.

Here goes easy 5 tips which you can follow & :

1. There are several exercises recommended at the gym or people who exercise at home for a flat belly but a lack of time is really the reason where we find it difficult to follow those. But our yoga asans pranayam are very effective & consumes very less time. I am talking about Kapalbhati pranayam, it is an exercise which is very easy & can be done any time of the day (when your stomach is empty) not only helps you lose the inches but also helps in digestion & relieves you from problems related to stomach. If you are unaware of the method, please check a video online before trying it out.

Kapalbhati reduces waistline

2. When talking about yoga & exercising, I cannot miss on Stretches. Side stretches as seen in the picture below can be great in burning fat on your hip, as most of the hip is not moved, this creates a stress on the area for the fat to burn. This will also help you become more flexible.

side stretches

3. In the morning have a good breakfast which I have said a lot of times before as this is the prime meal of the day & decides the activity of the body during the day. Especially a breakfast with eggs instead of sugary carbs has shown great effect on the waistline. Add a cup of coffee or tea (caffeinated) to increase the burning of fat.

it keeps you working throughout the day

4. At night if you read a book for an hour it has shown to help lose inches. It relaxes your body & help fight the stress around the day which is blamed for some belly & hip fat. So, keeping a light schedule at night helps you relax & fight stress,

Reading a book makes you less interested in TV & releases stress

5. Sleep well for 7-8 hours everyday, it has been seen that people who sleep less than 5-6 hours a day have shown to put on weight easily. Or you can say that the people trying to lose weight will lose less. The efforts taken up by you will be rewarded with an extra hour of sleep. :)

Sleeping well reduces stress & directly affects the waistline

Thank you all for your support & reading my blog. Awaiting your comments & suggestions.

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